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I just found out last night, that my great grandmother of 89 years old passed away the night before. Its hard to believe but I guess I should have known that it would come. Two weeks ago she had a light stroke and when I visited her last week she could hardly speak even though she knew I was there.

The last thing I told her was I love you and I'll se ya Friday. But I never got the chance to go back Friday. And now she's gone. I feel...pretty bad. I feel like I could have been beside her side more especially these past few months. Yeah I know I was living and "enjoying" life but still...

I remember when I was little and I would always surprise her and jump in her lap with joy. She was blind so she could feel how tall I was and how fast I was growing. She always had a smile on her face when I was there. And she spoiled me many times over when she could.

Today, I'll be going back "home" to meet with the fam. I know everybody's pretty down by this but, it pisses me off that the only one that wants to get in contact with me is my Uncle Bobby who is considered the black sheep of the family. Guess we got something in common.

Granny. Arabelle. I love you. I miss you. And maybe one day I'll see you soon.

Your great grandson,

Earl Michael Simmons
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