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Best Friends Part 1

Am I the only one that found that term to be precious? I learned that their were friends and then there were BEST friends. The closest people not related to you that seem to know everything and everything about you. I think I have Barney to thank for the definitions.

Anyway, in elementary school I remember interacting with a lot of the kids. Specifially white. I think I migrated to them because they didn't really judge me or call my names of any sort. While riding on the bus, I met this kid by the name of Robert. Me and Robert always set beside each other and we always had the coolest shit to talk about. Playing kickball in P.E., Power Rangers eps that showed every Saturday, The Simpsons, anything that was cool back then.

(Its funny Lori, how Steven and Shane have changed. Shit, when we were smaller I remember Steven was kinda quiet but was always easy to talk to. Shane was more excitable and both of them had a high pitched voice like me. Actually...I have pics but I'll only bring them one day if ya ask.) XP

I remember that during our January 4 day break, for MLK day I decided to make a gift for Rob since I really thought he was the coolest friend. I got some white cardboard, and drew or cut out pictures to paste on them. Then, I folded the cardboard in strips to make mini-fans. I was pretty proud of myself. I gave them to Rob the next day on the bus and he just laughed at me. He thought they were silly. I was pretty upset about that...afterwards we didn't talk that much.

4th and 5th grade was a new school and I met some new people as well. Honestly, I don't remember having a BEST friend back then. I think I just had a LOT of friends. I know me and Steven talked a lot even though we were in different classes but we had the same recess strangely enough.

Middle school. In middle school I was still very quiet and would only talk if you talked to me. Thats when I met Will. Will was the class clown and one day he asked for a pencil. I automatically did not want to get involved with him because in my eyes, he was the "bad kid". Still, I helped him and soon enough he started talking to me. Tv and video games were similar interests that we both shared. He was also one of the few kids I knew that got a Nintendo 64 the first day it came out. I was surprised. I guess Will was the first "rich kid" I met because after we talked all week he invited me to spend the night at his house.

I remember being so shocked walking into his house and seeing all his toys and stuff. Soon after that, you couldn't keep us apart. Sorta. Will was apart of the main white kid clique. The ones that always had different girlfriends, and knew just enough about sex to keep them in the cool factor. I on the other hand hung out either by myself or the "geeks". My "geek" friend was a boy by the name of Matt. He was my first agreeable friend. I would talk, he would listen and nod his head. In fact, that was also the first time that I actually had two bf's. We hung out as a trio on occasions but Will thought Matt was stupid so it didn't happened too often infront of his friends.

Near the end of middle school, Will changed schools after being kicked out. I was in my own clique of geeks. It was me, Jacob who was a smart white kid that kicked a lot of ass in math, TJ a big muscler white kid who was 2 years older then us AND who also thought of himself as a vampire (my first experience with goth), and a skinny white chick by the name of Susie. Near the end of the year, we even got a new kid to our clique by the name of Sarah. Shit, all through 8th grade we hung together. I hung out with Susie long enough that we even dated for a while. Even though we were all outcasts we were together. We had a few make fun of us but no one dared touch us with TJ being there. Crazy stuff man.

Also during my last year of middle, I met Aaron, John, and Krystal. And now I just realized that I'm going to have to finish this later. Sorry, didn't realize how long this would be. ^_^
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Ooooooohhhh, pictures. I wanna see! ^_^

Let's see...when I was really little my 'best friend' was Tina. Our moms were friends from high school, so we saw each other a lot. We played pretend and hide and seek and since she had an older sister I saw every classic scary movie at the age of four. *shrugs* She moved to Texas...gods she's married and has a baby now. They came over to visit for a little bit and it was..awkward o_O.

Other than Tina, when I lived in the trailer in North Charleston I was friends with Angel (my "boyfriend" from age 4 to first grade >_<), David (Angel's sucessor *laughs*), a girl named Katie and this kid my mom babysat named Andrew. David and Andrew and I hung out the most. We played outside and raced (back when I was the fastest kid not on a bike ^_^) and caught bugs, fun stuff.

Then I moved to where my parents are now. I was friends with pretty much everyone around...but no real 'best friend', 'till I met Stephen. We hung out ALL the time. He stayed at my house after school 'till his mom got off of work and picked him up then we'd talk on the phone for an hour or more when he got home *laughs*. He was in one of my classes this semester too, weird.

High school...>_<.
I'm a very...adaptable person. I can be friends with anyone. So I had (one or two) friends in the preppy crowd, plenty in the 'freak' crowd, geeks, druggies, goths, whoever. *shrugs* Jeffrey was probably my closest friend around then...'till the whole mess with my ex happened >_<.

So now I have my Dinin, who is my bestest friend ^_^. And Jeffrey when I see him *nodnod*. I'm too...I can't think of a word to describe it. I come and go. Some times some people'll see me all the time, then other times no one sees me at all. ('cept ya know...Dinin...). *shrugs*

See, now you've got me all thinking an' stuff when I reply ^_^.
Heh, I'll bring those embarresing pics as soon as I see ya.

And I guess its just natural for people to meet, greet, and leave. But its just a bit sad ya know. I always wonder where the people I have met in my lives are up to nowadays.

This is random and completely off the subject: Did you see that Linkin Park has a new cd coming out this month?

Also, I don't remember if you cared or if it was someone else >_< The DS web browser comes out the summer.
Yeah so I heard. I'm downloading it of course because I'm real skeptical about the new song: What I've Done...yeah.

Really now? This summer. I may pick it up in the fall. Other then Brain Age and Tetris I don't use my DS nowadays.
We're playing Pokemon, though I just got Hotel Dusk last night, so I'm really playing that instead o_O.

Good game though, like Trace Memory...only longer ^_^.
I've been wanting to try Trace Memory. How is it?
Trace Memory is pretty short...Hotel Dusk is a lot better so far, Trace Memory just seems to have more in depth puzzles (so far). I'm around half-way through with Hotel Dusk (I think).

Deleted comment

Yeah making them is awesome. But we are always meant to part.
ahh...i remember back in middle school,those were the days,well no they wernt cause i always got picked on,but u get my point!lolz.^-^'
Kid, your still in school. You have lots of memories to make.
yea...this is true.but its still nice to reminece<--think i spelled that rite!lolz.but ive changed A LOT since middle school,its fun for me and my sister to look back on how we were such losers and how dorky we were.