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Best Friends Part 2

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Back in middle school I met Aaron. He was a short kid with a squeky voice but, his drawings were always very impressive. We were in the same Art class. So we started hanging out. We were very big fans of Dragonball Z. If you asked me how many drawings we did of those Super Saiyans I honestly could not tell you. I saw Aaron as the little brother I hadn't had yet. Its strange to me ya know. We've grown up so much. I don't really see Aaron as much as I used to and although he's still the same guy outside, a lot of things have changed. Some I think are good, the others not so much but, thats apart of growning up. He's his own man now which is awesome and all but sometimes I miss the simpler times. Not to sound depressing but, I think people meet only to part in the end.

Strangely enough, I also met John in the same Art class. We really did start out as a trio. Only thing is, while Aaron and I would hang together after class, John would hang out with the black guy basketball clique. Not my thing since they thought I was a dork anyway. It wasn't until High School that me and John started to hang out. We also went to the same church back then too. Talking about video games, music, anime, and girls was a regular for us and nothing has really changed about that. John is one of those few people that I can say is my nigga. If we were good cop/bad cop John would be the one telling the suspect to confess before I pour hot coffee down his pants. Nowadays however, I'm beginning to see a lot of very vivid differences when it comes to life goals and the future. The last thing I want to see is my main man struggle through life. I just hope down the line, he can get his priorities straight because I can try and do all I can to help but, the whether he actually suceeds or not is his choice and his choice alone. Still, thats my nigga.

Heh. I knew Krystal through middle school. She would always be that one girl I would pass by and smile but never say anything too. I didn't get to talk to her until one day at high school. My class had gone to the library for some kind of project and one of my classmates, named Derek called me over to one of the tables. He was talking to his cousin who just happened to be Krystal. I remember saying some kind of smart ass joke that I didn't think any one of them would get but she got it automatically and we both laughed with Derek being confused. So we talked a bit and I think I was more surprised then anything on how she directed herself. She was quiet on the outside but in that mind of hers she was as smart as a whip. And she had a sense of humor which is never a bad thing. After that, I saw her through the halls once again but we didn't talk again til senior year.

As I got to know her, I learned that she was way different then all the other black chicks I had met throughout school. Not to file her under "black chicks" but realistically she wasn't ghetto. It was nice to actually talk to someone from the opposite sex that was my ethnic and I didn't have to worry about correct pronouciation and attitude problems. Yes. Although I did not mean for it to happen and I wasn't attracted to her at the time its the little things like that, that make me realize how and why I fell in love with her at one time.

Maybe I'm just the naive dreamer but, I value friendships a lot. The big ones are important because you know you can share a part of yourself you don't usually share with other people. The little ones are great too because their's always the joy of watching them grow into something more meaningful. For what its worth, I love all my friends no matter how much we talk, hangout, how far we are apart, or if we only remember each other every so often. I think the bonds we have with people is stronger then we think it is. Hopefully my bonds can spread not only in this state but all over the world. There are so many people to meet. I think I've got a lot to look forward to. Its gonna rock.
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