Solitude (solitudestarer) wrote,

Things I've learned.

-That a lot of people who I don't know, strangely enough know me. My reputation precedes itself?

-That this generation of kids nowadays, are learning about sex earlier and earlier. Not a good thing imo, but I guess its 50/50 on some cases...

-That music speaks to me more then actual people do most of the time.

-That people think I'm going to get shipped to Iraq, which I'll never say never but, I don't think thats any excuse to make me feel bad for MY choice. I know what I've signed up for, I don't need someone who plays it by ear telling me what I've gotten myself into. I know the facts, I know what I'm facing. Fuck off.

-That its not so bad staying at home moreso then going out every night.

-Young love will only break your heart.

-No matter how a person says they've changed, they haven't. You can't help who you are, and that is fact. You can change yourself for a time, but deep inside you'll always be the same person. You'll be the same flawed individual you were meant to be inside.

-I want to write a graphic novel. Seriously. All I need is an artist, with a style I can appreciate it. Stay tuned.

-Books > People

-I'm a nerd. And I'm okay with that ^_^
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