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I love falling in love. I think its the fall that really is the most addicting part. That feeling of meeting someone and your heart racing as you begin to grow closer and closer. The thrill of touching each other's hand, the first kiss that you share, and of course the excitement of what's to come the next day you see each other. I love that feeling.

What's even more special is when you can still get that feeling when you actually commit in a real relationship. It's natural that your not going to get that feeling as much as you had when you first met, but I think some of those same emotions should still be there. At least I would hope so.

In May, me and Amy will have been together for a year. For one, I never thought that I would ever be able to maintain a long-distance relationship. It's been hard being so far away from another person but, if anything distance really makes the heart grow fonder. We call each other pretty much everyday. And I can't wait until we see each other again. The last time I saw her is when she visited me after Christmas. Waking up next to someone who cares about you is a beautiful feeling. And of course the attraction factor is always a good thing. Sometimes we would go out into Sacramento and explore and other days we would stay in and make love all day. I feel older every day but, its crazy how someone can make you feel young again. Like your in high school again.

I don't think too much is going to change when I get back home this summer. Looking for apartments right now in Summerville to move in as soon as I get back. I'm planning on getting a 6 to 12 month lease and during that, I'm going to look for a home to buy. Thank you god for me being a veteran. I'm not the patriotic type, but I'm glad I did the military thing. It was an experience that not many people do and of course the benefits are out the ass. I'm doing Reserve so techinically I'm not leaving it fully but its just not going to encompass most of my time like serving Active Duty would. With me doing that, and of course working back at Food Lion doing my butcher job plus Amy working at Trident I think we can actually make this work.

I'm ready to settle down. Seriously. I don't see myself leaving South Carolina anytime soon and honestly, thats not a bad thing. I still want to visit some other places but after being so far away for a year now I've learned to be more grateful of what I have. People are always complaining how things could be better but, I think they forget it can be even worse. Take California for instance. This state is broke beyond belief. People can't even get their state tax returns until sometime during the winter. The whole country is suffering economically but damn. Even when I walk in the cities I see people wandering and asking for jobs. Couples living on the streets. Its...horrible. And I thank god, that I don't have to resort to such matters. That I'm not the one on the other end struggling.

Money is a big factor on my plans but, I've got faith that it will work out for me. Their's a future that I want to happen in the next 3 years. Graduating from college. Earning NCO rank. Getting my own house. Marriage life. Kids? Heh, maybe a lil bit down the road on the last part but, its on my mind. Like the warmth that flows through my veins all the way to my heart. This life...
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