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So in case you don't know, I'm on the singles market again. I could go into some real fucking detail but, all you really need to know is that it didn't work out the way we planned.

2 years. Man, I cannot believe that I was with her for that long. Seeing as how my last longest record was 3 months its amazing to see the jump. But of course I'm a lot older and wiser then I was began. I find it funny how all these middle and high school kids can said the word I love you to someone they decide to "court" for the time being. Man, when you get older and start having some real, real relationships, you'll want to use those words sparingly. Heh. And the memories. God bless the memories, that I love and hate and please please don't let me foreget them.

You know what I really miss though. My friend. She's such a good listener and I miss being able to talk on the phone and just vent completely and know that with the few words she said, she actually had a lot of consideration. But of course we all know, things are never really the same after going through something like that. I just hope in the end, I don't lose that friendship. That would be..very hard on me.

I guess this past week I went through 2 deaths. Now I just have to move forward. First steps are always the hardest, and walking back is always an urge but in the end I've got no regrets. I can take it as a big learning experience and maybe one day things will go back the way they used to but, until then I'm going to keep walking this road and learn more on my journey.
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