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So the story goes....

So a lot of shit has happened in past month or so. I've got a lot of explaining to do.

After I turned 21 this year, my foster mom didn't get a check from the government anymore. She wanted to charge me rent and I thought sure as long as it was fair. 300 dollars was the charge but the price for it wasn't really worth it imo. I had a midnight curfew, I couldn't bring anybody over, and other bulshit rules were put in place. Basically, after a morning standoff on it, I decided quite hastily that I was leaving immediately.

It took about 3 to 4 days but I packed my shit and moved it to various friends house who didn't mind holding onto it for a while. I carried a suitcase full of my work clothes and several outfits as well as the usual grooming utensils and such. Their were some nights I stayed with friends, some nights I slept in my car. Basically sucky for a good three and a half weeks.

At first I kept my eyes on an apartment but then after another decision that I will explain later, I decided that it would be best I'd find a room to rent. I was able to find one about a week and a half ago. I saw an ad on, called the number, left a message, and 20 mins later got a call back and a meetup on the same day.

Its more or less a duplex and rather new. Only one person has stayed in this room. I almost took it the same day me and John looked at it but I decided to be patient....until the next day when I was notified that someone else wanted it and I had first dibs. THEN I bought it. Heh.

My roomates are cool as shit as well. Chris who is the son of the houseowners reminds me of a very cool hippie. He works at Olive Garden so hes not here during the day most of the time. Jay is pretty quiet and keeps to himself. Loves video game though for real. Dude spends so many days behind the tv screen...its crazy. Hes a manager at Office Depot. Once again I usually have the house to myself which is not a bad thing at all. <3 the solitude.

I just finished fixing up my room about 2 days ago. Only thing I need now is a bookcase to put all my dvds on. I'll be getting that later this week. Rent is affordable and so totally worth it since this house is rather new. We have a washer/dryer, nice kitchen, patio, and even a lake right behind my house. I love it. Utilities are fine and of course I have the net. Not really caring about cable seeing as how I haven't been watching much tv as of late and most of the shows that I do watch this fall is on regular tv.

It just feels nice to FINALLY have a home that is truly my own ya know. If you guys ever want to visit just let me know and I'll give ya directions and shit. Did I mention I finally have car insurance under my name as well. I was worried it would be too much but nada. I got Progresssive online and it was click click boom just like that.

I've got other things to tell but I'll save it for sometime whenever this week. I've gotta hit the hay because of work tommorrow. Laters.
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