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Dilemmas and Decisions

Hm. Okay.

So around early July, while I was preparing for my yearly trip to Otakon, I was also getting ready for school this upcoming fall. I usually choose my classes and schedule, so on and so on. Come to find out, that I was not eligible for my Pell grant this year....which sucked because I'm so used to getting it. Apparently the government thinks I make too much money....puh if they only knew where I worked...

Anyways, basically what it boiled down to is that I'd have to pay the school 800 and something plus the amount for books...yeah. So I'm looking at about 1,000 something buckaroos. And come to think of it, I would have probably paid that or more come next semester and summer. As much as I hate going sometimes, I love learning. Me without schooling just doesn't click. I tried it half a year and it sucked because I felt like I was becoming dumber each day. I need to learn, I need education, end of story. I would have been finished with my associate's this summer...but thats ok because I went a second route.

I know everyone is going to freak but, I had originally planned on doing this right after I graduated high school. The only reason I didn't is because of friends and I wanted to try the college life, even if it was tech. As of right now, I am offically part of the United States Air Force. I took my physical last month, did the ASFAB and passed with flying colors. I'm sworn in and now I just have to wait until March or later.

I'm going to finish my schooling of course, but I also will be going in AF for Photography. Telephone communications was my second choice, and Pharmacutical was my third. I gotta be honest...I'm really excited. I get paid for going to school, I'm secured when it comes to health and medication and such, and I don't have to pay a dime. Plus I get to travel the world per se. Getting out of South Carolina is a must must.

Now I know what everybody's thinking. Iraq. First of all, the AF is the LAST line of defense when it comes to the US military. Even if I do somehow go over there, I won't be frontline or anything. I'll more then likely be in the control know wayyyyy in the back telling other soldiers what to do.

I also find it funny that during basic training (which is 8 weeks, might be 10 by the time I go) I'll be getting paid the same thing I make here. BUT when I finish it, I get 1,000 something increase because of my 20 something college credits. Fudging sweet. See, with the AF their is no sign in bonus of any sort. Their's also a BIG waiting list, which is why I'm not leaving until March at the latest. Too bad I didn't join the army. They get a nice sign on bonus check for 40,000 plus a FREE trip to Iraq. Lucky bastards.

So yeah. If you know me or wanna get together before I leave this shithole state, holla at me. I really feel like I'm growing up and going forward with my life as an adult now. Feels
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