Solitude (solitudestarer) wrote,

Is she really that crazy?

I am not a perfect person. I am not a perfect person. Iamnotaperfectperson....but I cannot help pointing out flaws in others.

I'm not saying that I look for something wrong in everyone I meet, but I know. I KNOW, that everyone has their imperfections, their habits, their excuses, their negatories.

I cant help but to think that every single girl/female that I know of has one or more trait that makes me not take them seriously or question what the hell they see in a guy like me. Is the crazy just attracted to me for whatever reason or am I just being paranoid? Can't I just meet someone that can hold a good conversation and realistically make me feel that they actually are listening to what I say, instead of running off at the mouth like a water fountain. I mean...I honestly do like listening to others but DAMN man...its like my 3 sentence piece against an essay of untangible drama, day to day issues, and hopeless future planning.

Maybe I'm just too much of an asshole to understand it. Or too uptight. Or too stupid. Or too *insert emo excuse here*...but whatever the case may be I definately question my company nowadays. I love all my friends. Just wish they had more traits I could fall in love with. But then again, thats why we're just friends of course.

I know I know!! I'll write a letter. A simple thesis on what I want in a girl. And maybe one day she'll look at it and consider calling me as an applicant.Yeah, I could be down with that for sure. Let's see:

Dear sane single woman who has beautiful eyes, long hair, a piercing smile, rosy cheeks, sarcasm and a love for random and intelligent humor, who has a good job, their own car, very independent, and also has an ok rack with a nice ass and shares a love for daydreaming, video games, books, long discussions, snuggling, being swept off their feet romantically, enjoys kissing, licking, and other actions involving tonuges and openings on the body and who might could see themselfs with a caramel colored baby in the distant future, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! I've been waiting for like 21 years. If I don't get a call soon....I guess I'll be waiting some more. I'm not rushing. I'm just eagered to meet you...wherever you are.

Love always,

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