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The dominos seem to be falling perfectly in my direction. At least for now.

Amy's parents finally know that we're moving in together. They didn't freak out like we were afraid they would but their still disappointed. I'm pretty sure that they'll get over it but with us moving in and not having rings on our fingers has definately put me on the naughty list. At least its not because I'm black, haha. That reason is getting older then black president jokes. Seriously though, I'm not the type of person that judges someone based on religion but, its stuff like this that makes me thankful that I decided a few years back not to actually commit to a "religion". I have my own beliefs but, imo religion is only as useful as a person makes it to be. So many guidelines and just makes my head dizzy. No thanks.

What I find strange too is that even Mrs. Ross knows that I'm moving in with my girl and she actually gave me no objections. In fact she actually listed some places that we could move to. Chris mentioned to me that its probably because I've had experience living outside her house...that and she knows when I make my mind on something I stick with it. Heh. It's going to be nice seeing her face again soon, no matter how nagging she can get sometimes.

Amy's already moved in. We're at Martin's Creek so anyone back home can hit me up once I get back. Going to be furninture shopping hopefully next month. Its going to be hectic since I start work back at FL, July 5th. Then I have to swear into my reserve unit as well. Not to mention sign up for classes at Trident and AMU. PLUS, I leave for Otakon July 15. Plus I have to have a new car before I leave of course. Its going to be quite a headrush next month. I can hardly wait.

BTW, if anyone has some spare furniture that isn't too beat up or violated let me know. I'll take anything but beds and couches. I'll violate those myself thank you.

Louise (my car) should be ready to drive across the US again soon. I just got the front window glass replaced after putting it on the burner for 3 years. Heh. Now all I have left to fix is the left, rear control arms, replace both struts for the rear, and replace the motormount near the AC. Pricey but better safe then sorry. Your practically getting a new car love at least inside wise.

Know what I'm getting? This baby:

In Honda I trust. And finally I can get a car with my fav color. And under 20,000. Huzzah. Although its going to feel weird having a car payment but, I'm pretty sure I can handle it.

All my stuff gets picked up by the moving service this Thursday. Coicidently which is also my b-day, also the only day I have off this week. Its nice to know that I actually have a home, MY HOME in fact to come to when I'm back. I'm looking forward to meeting my neighbors and letting them know that another brotha's in the neighborhood with a white chick shacked up. Their terrified faces always turn my frown upside down.

I think the only thing to do now is just patiently wait and watch the days drift by. So far, that hasn't been a problem. When I'm working time goes fast. When I'm not I'm just relaxing, and either planning or preoccupied with a movie or video game. I'm at a point in my life where I feel comfortable. Not too comfortable since I know karma is a bitch that likes to sneak behind you and grab you inapproriately but I know things happen for a reason.

Honestly...I've been praying every night to God, Jesus, whoever is up there making things turn on this merry go round. I just want everything to end up swell. Maybe not perfect but at least close. For me, her, and everyone I care about. Religion? Nah. Faith. Why not? Its my belief, my time, and I don't have to listen to someone telling me how no matter what I'm going to hell. Fudging sweett.
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